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By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Friday December 19 2014

We love love love candles here at The Highland Times, even more so if we can source them locally. I have them all over the house and really nothing better than a candle lit soak in the bath after a hard day on the computer keys.! I recently purchased soom Isle of Skye Candles and felt they are so good I really should share with you good people. So he goes.

This is what they say and personally I could not  agree more, well done Isle of Skye Candles.

The Isle of Skye Candle Company is committed to providing the best quality natural candles at the most competitive price. They promise to use 100% renewable Soya wax and only the finest quality oils."

The biggest advantage of burning a Skye Candle is that you're getting real value for money as we use only the best quality oils and wax but still manage to keep them very affordable.

We use Natural Soya wax which is not only good for the environment but, unlike paraffin wax, good for you too! The combination of wax and oils that we use give us the longest burn times and cleanest burns around.

We have developed our own special wicks to optimise the burn of our candles so that you will not be left with any wax in your glass when it has burned all the way to the bottom. Because the blend of soya wax we use burns at a lower temperature it gives a much better fragrance release as the burn pool is not burnt off quickly.

As every candle is handmade from start to finish, you can be sure of the best quality product as any defects will be spotted and checked by our diligent employees.

With Soya wax being grown rather than extracted from oil like paraffin wax, there is no harm done to the environment as once the soya has been harvested more can simply be grown.

Unlike other candle companies, we do not exaggerate our burn times (we may exaggerate about other things, such as the weather in Skye). The time we say is the very minimum you will get, with 99% of our candles burning for a lot longer.

Bohemian Rose Three Wick

Bohemian Rose
Recreate the beauty & romance of Skye with Bohemian Rose. This wonderful fragrance has been created by adding a dash of amber to subtly complement the rich rose undertones.

Scent Throw:    Very High
Burn Time:    45 hours
Diameter:    118mm
Height:    82mm
Weight:    900g (average)

Pomegranate & Plum Large Tumblers

Pomegranate & Plum
This fantastically fruity, Pomegranate & Plum fragrance will have you finding any excuse to unwind in its aroma. The combination of these 2 delicious fruits is the perfect accompaniment for a bright summer evening.

Scent Throw:    High
Burn Time:    45 hours
Diameter:    79mm
Height:    92mm
Weight:    580g (average)

Sleep Sensation Small Tumblers

Sleep Sensation
Using the aromatherapy properties of essential oils we have created a unique fragrance that will truly relax you. This luxurious, relaxing fragrance is created by blending lavender, tea tree and grapefruit.

Scent Throw:    Medium
Burn Time:    30 hours
Diameter:    70mm
Height:    82mm
Weight:    430g (average)

Winter Warmer Travel Containers

Winter Warmer
Add some spice to those chilly nights with our Winter Warmer scent. Created by blending our natural wax with Orange and Cinnamon and topped off with a hint of cloves.

Scent Throw:    High
Burn Time:    30 hours
Diameter:    80mm
Height:    53mm
Weight:    230g (average)

Oriental Lily Reed Diffusers

Oriental Lily
Welcome this sweet and pleasing fragrance into your home and fill it with a scent used in perfumes for centuries. Mixed with rose and top notes of mandarin and bergamot it is a great way to create a fresh, floral atmosphere in your home.

Scent Throw:    High
Burn Time:    10 weeks
Diameter:    250mm
Height:    65mm
Weight:    390g (average)

Wooden Heart Votives

Wooden Heart
A creation that appeals to those looking to take the outdoors inside. This scent, exclusive to the Isle of Skye Candle Company, has at its core a woody feel. It is a blend of tea tree, cedar wood with dash of orange.

Scent Throw:    Low
Burn Time:    20 hours
Diameter:    55mm
Height:    65mm
Weight:    175g (average)


And a little something I bought for the car,

Juniper Air Fresheners

Our gorgeous Juniper fragrance is made to help you truly unwind at home. With its lovely subtly sweet woody aroma & its properties to relieve exhaustion, it's sure to help you shake off those office blues.

Scent Throw:    Medium
Burn Time:    2 hours
Diameter:    0mm
Height:    0mm
Weight:    10g (average)


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